What is my IP Address?

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IP Address – Internet Protocol Address

IP Address is a unique numerical identification given to each and every device which uses the internet for communication. IP address represents the unique tag for each and every device it may be a computer or any electronic device which is capable of using internet for communication. The IP Address space is maintained by the IANA (Internet Assigned Numbers Authority). The basic functions of the IP address are the first one IP address identifies the uses with a unique numerical code and the second one is the location of the host or address of the host.

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What is the importance of Knowing the IP Address?

IP Address or Internet Protocol Address is a unique identification numerical code given to your computer. There are a bunch of benefits you can get by knowing your IP address. IP address plays a very important when you are using your computer to email or checking other social networking sites or searching for information on internet or while doing online shopping or any type of browsing.

  • By using your IP address you can check your Internet speed.
  • By using your IP Address you can get the technical support.
  • IP Address Lookup.
  • By using your IP Address you can get the information.

What is TCP?

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TCP – Transmission Control Protocol

There are a number of Protocols related to the Internet, one of the most important and the main Internet Protocol is TCP (Transmission Control Protocol). The entire series of Internet Protocols is attributed as Transmission Control Protocol or Internet Protocol. The main job of the IP is to send the data on internet while the job of the TCP to put the data in a right order. For example if two hosts are communicating on an application through different IP addresses on internet in that case TCP provides trusty, organized and faultless data. The combination of IP & TCP makes sure that one’s data is safe. One of the important responsibilities of the TCP is to control the Internet Traffic. TCP sends the data freely and safely by controlling the Internet Traffic. Most of the important applications like file transfer, email, and World Wide Web etc count on TCP.

How IP Address does helps in getting the Information?

IP Address is a unique identification numerical code given to your computer, whenever you search for an application or to check the information on a site the search related websites or applications will be displayed only on your screen because of your unique IP address. Whenever a host searches an application the protocol will be sent to the host from the source computer in the form of IP Packets. These IP packets are very use full in transferring the data safely from one computer to another.

What is IP Packet?

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IP Address is a unique numerical identification given to each and every device which uses the internet for communication. Depending on the IP addresses the source computer or source host will send the data in the form IP Packets to the host computer from where the request has been raised. There are mainly two parts in the IP Packet or IP Datagram.

  • IP Packet Header.
  • IP Pay Load.

What is IP Packet Header?

Internet Protocol Packet Header contains the important information like Version of the Internet Protocol, Internet Protocol Address of the Source Computer, the Internet Protocol Address of the Destination Computer and the TTL (Time to live).

What is Internet Protocol Payload?

IP Pay load is the second part of the IP Packet; IP packet uses IP Packet Header and the IP Pay Load to get the information or to send the information.

How to Identify a by Computer Using Router?

Router is a networking tool which leads the data packets between the computer networks. These Routers helps us in forwarding the IP data packets between the computer and the Internet.  These Routers can be connected to 2 or more data lines of various networks. For example when an IP data Packet reaches via one of the data lines to the router, router identifies the IP data packet by using the network address and forwards the data packet to the correct destination computer. Like the router identified the destination computer in the same way one can identify a computer by using a router with the help of network address.

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