Traceroute Tool

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Trace route helps to show the route in a network in between two systems and their IP address. It lists all the routers in between and this passes the connection to the destination. The tool help administrator will help to determine the response time from various geographical locations. It helps to know the exact connectivity problem and also the number of hops that takes place to reach the destination. It is often used to trouble shoot the networks. The lists of routers that are traversed are displayed.

It allows the identification of the paths in order to reach the destination in particular. This also helps in the identification of the problems with routers. The major issues of the network as time out, long trip time and high round trip time. This will be an essential tool for the trouble shooting of the websites and servers. It works as a good network diagnostic tool that comes with a default administration tool for the networks.

How it works?

It provides a way to have a glance on the information travel from one PC to another. The information may not reach the destination in a single jump; actually it requires many computers in order to transmit information. This identifies the computer list and the time taken for the transmission. The interruptions are very easily identified and this tool shows the chain of problems that occur in any transmission.

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It also facilitates several practical uses. It detects the problem faced in the accessibility of a particular website or computer. If there is any difficulty to trace out then it displays a message that shows a note as “request timed out”. This will oppose multiple packages with regards to security concern. The hackers will generally trace out the map on how the information moves with in a company and attacks. It certainly used to eliminate the threats that are concerned with security issues.

Trace out utility that is to be used heavily with regards to heavily secured networks. This trace out can be done with the help of domain name, IP address or else the name of the other computer that is pretended to be a destination  to the information transfer. The Mac OS subsequent versions use this trace out for a terminal program or to generate a trace out. The trace out utility is displayed on the screen itself.

System requirements:

  • All windows standard versions.
  • Microsoft .NET 4 framework.
  • 2GB of RAM.
  • 2 GHz preprocessor.
  • 20 MB availability of hard disc space.
  • Network interface card (up to 100mbps).


It is distributed version from the popular Pingdom tools. It is available directly from its browser. These tools will give an outside view of the network response time. It allows the track of the errors that are possible in easy way. The ping packets are sent in order to get the response time. The routers reply in a green or yellow bar that displays the response time. This allows the run of ping test on the website or server continuously. The visualization feature will help to trace out the data in real-time with the help of topology map. The perform tool traces the ICMP, TCP, UDP protocols. The isolated segment data failures along with bottlenecks of the band widths are available. It can conduct multiple traces simultaneously. The traces are executed with continues, timed or one – time traces.

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