Terms and Conditions

The terms are accomplished with their applicability to laws and regulations that are to be read understood and should bound themselves in their terms. The users are prohibited to copy, modify, display or transmit the information from this website to other websites.

The information, software with data base or other services should not be leaked for any commercial advantage. . The service may not be warrant with respect to the requirements of the users. The services provided will have both implicit and explicit warranty.One has to accept the terms and policies of the website for its usage.  All the content that is available within the site is completely owned by network tools and it does not grant any permission to any copy rights or patents.

The usage of the website will terminate automatically if any violation observed in the terms and notices. The usage is completely at the users own risk as the website may contain inaccuracies or errors technically. The services and the information provided in the site can be modified without any prior notice. The user can continue to use the website only if you accept the modified agreement.

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