Switch Port Mapper Tool

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The Switch Port Mapper supports the network engineers to identify the switch port of the connected devices and eliminates the need of manual tracing the cables of the network. It discovers the plugged in devices in each port of a specified switch.  It helps the system engineers to get a clear visibility of the IP address along with MAC, VLAN status and all the available ports.

It stands as a real time discovery that administrates the operational status view along with the speed of each port. It is an extremely useful tool that supports the scan of the switches that displays the required information. The specific thing about this mapper is it is not vendor specific. The each port that is connected on a hub or switch is discovered. The last change will provide the information about the interface changes.

How it works?

This tool is designed to communicate the managed Ethernet switch to map the system status. The software is designed to use on the Microsoft Windows Operating System. It has an individual capability to map several brands and models with various manage switches. It is a time saver that saves the time mappings of the technicians in order to identify the network devices that are attached to the switch ports physically. It shows multiple downstream devices. It provides the switch parameters along with protocol status. The results are presented in an easy to understand format with a print facility to the colors and search of the text strings.

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The results export the XML files directly and open them in a straight line in MS Office. The results can be saved and reloaded. It works with multiple switches easily. It has integration with net scan tools. It is managed with IPv4 address switch it facilitates switch compatibility lists. It has an Ethernet connection in order to manage the switches. The community name has a read privilege data switch. It runs independently in standalone mode. Its installation is must in order for it to run on the system.


It has full access to the administration role. It plays a technical role for read only accessibility. It provides end to end port mapping facility. It maps a physical location of the device. It is multi-vendor switch support to the Cisco, HP, 3Com etc. the VLAN details are retrieved automatically. The MACC addresses are connected to a port like computers; IP phones etc. many added customized fields are available. There is a facility to add the switches manually. The switch inputs are imported from CSV files.

The switches are grouped together and scanned separately. It maps multiple switches simultaneously. The map history is provided with the stored data base in the mappings. It has a switch port for history and audit. It provides a powerful search option. It notifies the change in the port status as available or used and the moves of the network.  The port facilitates the various ports as switches by usage, switches by task bar, switches by vendor, switch ports by if speed and if Type.

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