Speed Up Your Phone’s Internet and Network Connections

Though we have smartphones for easy access to internet using various wireless networks, but sometimes , the internet speed available to smartphones for browsing and communicating online can be very disappointing.

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We all know that there are certain factors such as processor or network connection speed which can’t be changed for increasing the connection speed.

Still we can apply some quick fixes to get the fastest performance especially when internet on your smartphone is really slow. Here we will discuss few workarounds available to us:

Use Both- Wi-Fi and Cellular Connection:

GenerallyWi-Fi connections has better performancethan 3G or 4G mobile cellular connections.To connect to any Wi-Fi connection first find the available networks that provide Wi-Fi connectivity  and then select the particular network which you are authorised to use. Wi-Fi connections also provide an added advantage of avoiding the fees which most of the phone providers charge in order to use their cell networks.

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But sometimes we face situations where cellular connection works much better than Wi-Fi like:

  • When there are more users accessing the Wi-Fi than it can handle, each smartphone’s internet speeds slowsdown.
  • While using Wi-Fi at a place where its signal strength low or there are interferences in wireless signal, your smartphone’s connection to Wi-Fi can drop to minimum making you wait for long time even in simple tasks like email checking or browsing the Web.
  • If you have subscribed for high performing LTE cellular service, like LTE, that can perform much better than Wi-Fi hotspots

Speed Up Your Phone's Internet

Control the Network Activity of Background Applications

Almost all smartphone provide background service supports like app notifications, online database updates and searching etc. for installed apps. But this feature can continuously use resources on smartphone for an app even when you are not using that particular app. In such cases to improve the performance of apps being used, one can alter settings on the smartphone to limit or stop this background network activity.

In Android based smartphones setting menu has an option  “Restrict background data” and on iOS it is called “Background App Refresh”. Once these options are set, they can halt this type of communication for the entire device or for individual apps, one app at a time.

 Upgrade Your Operating System and Apps

Though operating systems like Android or iOS in smartphone get upgraded periodically for introducing new features and bug fixes for performance improvement, but many times this new upgrade does not work as needed. Instead they bring more new issues which can lower the performance further.

Keep Your Application’s Data Cache Clean

All the apps running on android or iOS based smartphones usedata cache which continuously store copies of your downloaded data.This can help improve the responsiveness of your phone by enabling apps to work with data locally in their caches instead of needing to download from the network more than once. But if you are using various apps simultaneously on your smartphone then your smartphone’s data cache will get filled with data quickly even for the apps those you are not currently using. This can lag the device’s performance, thus it is suggested to delete unused data to make space for new data in the cache.

Reset Your Device’s Network Connection

Turn your smartphone off and then turn on to reset it’s network connection, oryou can on airplane mode, then Reason behind this solution is , many times smartphone’s network connection gets stuck in a connectionthat has slow data speed and is meant for older of phones. To check the connection your smartphone an icon for each type.

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