Simplifying the Basic Concepts of Wi-Fi

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Wi-Fi or WiFi whatever one calls it is a technology with the help of which various electronic devices get the permission to get connected to LAN networks that are wireless or WLAN. Besides using 6cm SHF ISM or 5GHz radio bands, it normally uses 12 cm UHF or 2.4GHz. WLAN is also known as the local area network that is wireless or the wireless LAN. The technology is being widely used in the countryside so that the people can enjoy the internet access in such remote areas.

  • WLAN

Being protected with strong passwords WLAN only works according to the settings made as and when needed.  This helps to allow definite devices for getting access to the resources of WLAN whenever they are in the network’s range.

  • Devices Supporting Wi-Fi

With the advancements in technology, the number of devices and gadgets that can make use of the Wi-Fi technology has increased considerably. Some of such devices are:

  • Personal computers
  • Digital cameras
  • Video game consoles
  • Smartphones
  • Tablets
  • Digital audio players
  • Modern printers

Most of the devices today comes with the compatibility option of Wi-Fi which ensures that the user of the device can connect it to the internet without facing any hassles through the WLAN along with an access point that is wireless. The access points are also popularly known to be the hotspots. They are generally known to cover a distance of 66 feets while it is indoors and the range increases when placed outdoors. The devices which are Wi-Fi compatible are based on the standards of IEEE 802.11. Carrier waves are used for the transmission of data.

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  • Wi-Fi Security

while connecting to a Wi-Fi many people think and most have the idea that Wi-Fis does not have well-equipped safety measures when they are compared to the wired connections. The thought is valid to a certain extent because anyone can make use of the internet through Wi-Fi with no basic requirement of wires.

How to make Wi-Fi more secure?

Due to the weak security of Wi-Fi, the process for making it more secure has not only begun but also has been updated according to the test plan besides the program for certification. This has enabled the devices and the different Wi-Fi connections to resist various attacks from the intruders.

Today, although most of the people are working on the Wi-Fi either in the home or in office, many keep on thinking about the question of what is the actual meaning of Wi-Fi. As the name goes, it is the most popular technology of wireless network which makes use of the radio waves for providing high-speed connection of internet and the other network connections through a wireless mode. The Wi-Fi is now being widely used even in the public places and on roads, hotels, airports, restaurants and often the services are provided for free for attracting a large number of customers. Certain authorities are also known to promote their business through the same. Wi-Fi generally does not provide network access to spaces like garden sheds and also kitchens.

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