Open Source Monitoring Tools | Network Monitoring With Adequate Tools

Network monitoring today has become an important thing to be considered by all businesses otherwise they might have to face many problems generated through an un-monitored network. The availability of network monitoring tools is also enough. Among the many costly networks monitoring solution there is also a cheap option available. It is the option to choose for any one of the many available open source network monitoring tools for monitoring the business. There are many reasons due to which it is necessary to select only reliable and adequate network solution for the business. Reliability, Insurance of security and functionality are the major ones of them.

Here is given the main advantages with open source tools that can be used to monitor the activities on a business network. The company NM tools provide open source network monitoring tools with all the following capabilities to ensure proper security and monitoring of business network.

Ping capability
An adequate network monitoring tool is supposed to have the ping capability. The capability is used basically to monitor the presence of any router / server / node / computer in the network by sending ping request packets. If it get a ping reply packet in return then the presence of the node is identified in the network. These activities are usually done in the background only.

Bandwidth monitoring
An adequate network monitoring tool is also supposed to be able to monitor the bandwidth of the network. It is the basic requirement to manage any network on real time systems. The tool is also supposed to save the data in a log form and the network administrator only can view it weekly or monthly.

Real time node discovering capability
A good network monitoring tool is supposed to identify a node in real time. This is required in many times to the administrator of the network. Today almost all the devices on any network are plug & play devices this is why their real time monitoring is needed that actually how many devices are present in a network currently and how they are utilizing the bandwidth of the network.

Security, port, activity and process monitoring capability
All the open source network monitoring tools are supposed to be capable of monitoring the activity, post number, security level and the various processes on the nodes of any network. A well secured network tool can easily identify various activities or the process on the network that can be a threat for proper execution of network services. Sometime there is an unwanted or unsecured web traffic coming to the network route which can pose a security threat to it. Such threats can also be detected and prevented easily from further processing on the network with a good network monitoring tool.

Since the network monitoring tools provided by the company NM tools are capable of above mentioned things hence they are considered as the greatest asset for the existence of the business network and hence business as well.

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