Observium Auto Discovering Tool

Observium is an auto discovering platform for monitoring the networks with a support for a wide range of hardware platforms along with several Operating systems as Cisco, HP, Linux, Windows, Juniper, Free BSD, Dell, Brocade, Net scaler, Net applications etc. This tool will always seek to provide most powerful and very simple, intuitive interface that offers user friendly options to the health along with status of the network. It is an available free and open source community. Rapid patches are added to the Observium professionals along with security fixes and additional features to support hardware sources at a small basic license fee yearly.

It is an auto discovering network monitoring system that is based on PHP/SNMP/MySQL that is included with wide range of support to the network hardware and operating system. Observium provides an ease to configure the network monitor platforms and it is intended to provide more navigation interface along with the network performance enhancement. The main goal of the design interface is to collect historical data about the devices and their performances that are being completely auto discovered with no manual intervention in order to have an intuitive interface. It comes in open source and also subscription edition with additional features in it.


  • Expanded Visibility:

This tool improves the visibility of the network infrastructure by an automated collection in addition to display of the information and service protocols that are used to monitor.

  • Ease planning:

Observium helps to stream line the capacity and disaster recovery planning to provide the long term network collection metrics with an intuitive visual representation of the collected performance data.

  • Reliability improvement:

This tool improves the network’s reliability with a provision of the information to the proactive response to a number of potential issues that impact the services.

  • Ubuntu is required for the OBSERVIUM tool usage. 


  • It discovers the hosts automatically with the help of DNS and IP range that is configured and automated for the devices with the community preset of the SNMP.
  • If once a device is added then the application will automatically detect the features that are available for the host polling. Therefore there is no need of any configuration that is based on host needs.
  • The web interface is good that provides an ease to navigate and use the available options.
  • It’s set up and installation is very easy and it takes no time to complete the process.
  • It controls real time network traffic with a network port real time over view.


  • The functional emailing alters that sends an alert when the system reaches a pre-defined level of warning with a system offline mode. This is an integration option in this tool.
  • This application is based on the hosts and ports and has a nice interface to monitor service ports. It is embedded with worth enough plug ins to monitor the programs as MySQL and Apache.

Online support is provided for the download and installation process of the tool form its host site.

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