Network Monitoring Software

Almost everywhere today, in almost all fields, most of the jobs involving large quotas of manpower have been replaced by machines. Computers are one of the most significant of them. Now-a-days, one would not even imagine a big organization or company to exist without a computer network or a server. However, like every other machine, the network cannot run by itself or manage operations smoothly. If you are seeking services regarding your network performance monitoring, then we are here for you with our network performance monitoring software solutions.
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Network monitoring software is important for companies as they help to oversee and keep a note of the operations and network activities of their local area network (LAN). Also all the network elements of the LAN can be controlled and monitored, such as mail servers, WAN links, business applications, and hardware infrastructure that may include wireless routers, printers, load balances, switches etc. Also the Network Monitoring Software can also check for irregularities in internet connection, server problems, virus and spam attacks, and also can detect hardware problems. Some versions can even back up the important data and give overall bandwidth usage report to clear out any withheld traffic in the network. To sum it up, it manages the network of computers at a place effectively for it to function properly.
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Before the rapid burst of internet use, Network Performance Monitoring was a rarity. But nowadays it’s just a Google search and a download away. There are lots of free of them as well, available on the World Wide Web. But before getting one, we should take a while and research about some things to ponder about. Generally, avoid the free software and use genuine ones, crafted by makers like NM Tools. Some of the parameters to select a good software and software provider:
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  • Price – Nowadays most are shown to be free, i.e. as a freeware, but there are tricks involved often such as limited period versions, locked features etc. We offer our networking service at a much lower rate and the payments are hassle free and secured, and also add-free.
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  • Health – It’s essential for the program to take care of the health of the system in particular. Our software keeps a track of all the new software installations, updates and fixes made on a regular basis. The monitoring program also produces alerts when an error of any kind or any irregularity occurs.
  • Security – Our program is 100% safe to use and comes with a guarantee. We also provide network shield against potential hackers, viruses, Trojans, worms and spam, and thus have earned name as a fairly reputable source.
  • Compatibility and installation – We make sure that our resources carry out the required information so that there wouldn’t be any glitches in standard installation or for different versions in compatibility issues.
  • Monitoring technology – Data centre monitoring technology is web based, which simplifies rolling out the system, as there isn’t any client side software. It also provides easy access from anywhere and easy to adopt with lower costs. Monitoring technology is standards based and automation driven, hence cutting down the need for manpower. Also industry standards such as SNMP (Simple Network Monitoring Protocol) are adhered to, so it’s compatible with almost all systems.

We successfully deploy our services to all kinds of servers and network systems, and are known for our time and cost saving cutting edge techniques. Contact us for a well-managed and truly manageable Network system and experience high class services from NM Tools.

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