Monitor Network Traffic

One of the main advantages of monitoring network traffic is to identifying the unauthorized network and internet usage. Another one is that is to ensure that the company controlled connection is secure and monitoring for malicious activity. Real time monitoring, coupled with extensive logging of activity within the network ensures that the capability of a supervisor to stop nuisances and to trace activity due to unrelated events.

Every day, many secure connections are compromised for one or more reasons. Due to this, the secrecy and highly sensitive affairs are being compromised of security, due to some malicious individuals taking help of illegal attacks. Therefore all important defense organizations and big corporate houses beef up their security systems to prevent illegal, potentially dangerous and exploitable resource usage, penetration and theft.

The list of  network traffic monitoring software is large, but they all vary in performance, versatility and functionality. They can be differentiated into various groups, based on the functionality of the program. For example, a pocket sniffer is a network traffic analysis tool designed to intercept, capture and/or back trace systems that can or might lead to the malicious attackers or hackers. Other software are designed to monitor network bandwidth data and to produce alarms on occasions of even the slightest unexpected or abnormal network traffic conditions, which may hint unauthorized transfer of data. More widely used software such as operating system or hard ware fire walls, can filter and keep a log of the usage of computers, and filtering and letting only authorized signals to pass or rerouting packets to specific computers.

Network monitoring tools software is often the simple and cheap solutions for organizations with sensitive data, which need to protect the data and monitor their traffic. However, not all organizations can afford big time paid high security options. There are lots of smaller companies and organizations who would instead opt for free and / or really cheap services. Though they are not as powerful as paid commercial software, but free traffic monitoring software does exist. They increase the security to somewhat extent and thus, expand the capabilities of a network administrator. Anyways, the purchase of commercial software is always recommended. They are more secured, more user-friendly and richly featured, and will pay for themselves in case of a network attack. The capacity of the software to monitor, identify and back trace illicit activity can be the difference between a lost cause and a lawsuit or a copyright that takes care of the legal matters.

Now to sum up the advantages and benefits of network traffic monitoring:

  • Prevents server and system performance bottlenecks
  • Discovers harmful or potentially dangerous or malicious activities and takes respective effective actions against them.
  • Determine and logs application according to their use of bandwidth.
  • Easily tracks down network issues and fixes them accordingly.
  • Logs incoming data packets and traces their source down.
  • Reports and trends network traffic.

Thus we can completely supervise the network activities with the network traffic monitor software. After all, tight security and proper maintenance helps in the long run.

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