Monitor Network Activity

Everyone wants like to be perfect and that the problems would find solutions to itself. Unfortunately that is not the case. Likewise, every manager or higher authority wants his subordinate or sub employee to be honest and dedicated to his/ her work. But in real life situation, it is not always and in most cases, not possible. Therefore often it becomes the sole responsibility of the higher authority or the manager to inspire or take strict measures, to bring out the best out of his employees or subordinates. But being human, the employees also have weaknesses and inattentive moments, which lead to unproductive results often, creating a lackadaisical working environment. For averting such situation the managers should deploy productivity enhancement measures in the respective organization.

Likewise, essential to computer and networking is network monitoring which is primarily designed to track network and its activity on a regular basis. Slow or failing components are detected automatically through system monitoring on a regular basis and by notifying the system administrator, an immediate response is used. Notifications are usually emailed is the system is software based, or else if it is hardware based then physical alarms are used instead.

The level of effectiveness and the efficiency of a monitoring system depend on both the software and the hardware components of the system, which are integrated into the system. There is a limit put by the hardware unit of the monitoring system on how well the system captures the system with respect to the network activity. Nowadays state of the art hardware components are used that can capture accurate readings and allow capture of high speed packets which travel at up to ten gigabytes per second. Even at this rate, monitoring can be applied on the whole system at a single centralized facility.

Another important aspect cum feature of the monitoring is that actual recording of the monitored activities. Generally a storage capacity of at least 2 terabytes is required a small network of computers, but the write to disk speed must be at least 500 megabytes per second. Nowadays 32 terabyte storage capacities with writing speeds of about 7 gigabytes per second are used for bigger scale computer networks.

The Monitoring software is also equipped with accompanying hardware. To provide the design and interface to the administrator an application suite is used, and an application dock for third party software.

The hardware for monitoring can also be integrated into the system without the need for a dedicated storage space. This is because nowadays several models are developed such way that they don’t need any disk storage space for monitoring network activity. However it is ideal for response systems and real time monitoring. It has the same number of ports as the other models but is a low cost and better option aiming at smaller models and at companies with smaller budgets.

To sum it up, the network monitoring tools are an integral part of a computer network. Therefore the hardware must easily and seamlessly integrate with software which comes either pre-installed or as a third party software. A custom operating system also helps a long way!

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