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Internet is one of the most necessary elements of our life nowadays, and is literally and virtually a part of our life. It plays a very significant role in our urban life, whether we are a student, a doctor or an engineer, or even movie stars, the World Wide Web has distinct importance in everyone’s life.
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Internet traffic is the amount of information that flows through a local area network or internet in a specific amount of time. Internet traffic also controls many factors like bandwidth, speed etc. Now as mentioned above, internet is such an important part of our lives that most people and businessmen tend to use websites to market and showcase their products or other options too. Now creating a website is the foremost part, but maintenance is always hard to keep. Managing a website is not easy and much more than improving designs, making it more interactive and putting up offers. It is the security and the glitch free long run that counts the most.
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So one of the most important ways to manage and maintain a website is to watching and monitoring the internet traffic. By doing this, one is able to determine and devise the best possible ways to improve the site as proved by the upward scaling statistics of the network traffic.
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To monitor the network traffic and calculate the size of incoming and outgoing data, there are two possible ways:

  • The first and the foremost way is to run a traffic monitoring software. Nowadays these are available very easily and in most cases, absolutely free of cost. Now as the name suggests, it enable an online merchant to monitor and oversee his local area network’s traffic and bandwidth uses. The primary feature of traffic monitoring software is tracking the usage of one’s local area network as well as to keep a record of downloads and uploads which are done on the web site. Of course both are intended to watch or monitor and then log the exchange of data between the World Wide Web, i.e. the internet and one’s local area network. The software also enables it’s user with a choice of checking the real time traffic data with any new connections which log on, checked and monitored. Later, the data would become useful while keeping track of the upload and download activities on any computer and may even be used for creation of a traffic accounting system. Now a question might pop that how does the software work? Well it works by collecting and gathering the most recent information on the network interface and then recording the download and upload activities, performed on each network interface. This type of software also sends an automated email notification to the concerned authorities if there is any glitch in the current status. Often it puts up a substitute site when the server is down.
  • Another way to monitor traffic is by using a website stat program. On the likes of Google analytics, which is said to be the best free stat program. It supplies the owner with much valuable data such as number of visitors, page views, entry and exit pages etc. It also provides geographical locations sometimes.

Thus it’s profitable and somewhat mandatory for the internet site owners to get to monitor their sites, for better results. At NM Tools, you will get all kinds of internet traffic monitoring solutions with precision.

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