How to Build a Wireless Home Network

It is easy to build wireless home network. The configuration settings on network router depend on the model whether it is wired or wireless. It helps to the houses with more than one computer. It provides a home network to get connected to all the devices. The wireless routers are the perfect introduction to reorganize the home network to all the devices that can be operated with internet or Wi-Fi connection. However, this setup requires some assembly. This setup is easy but just requires purchase and plugin of the router. It is just a centrally controlled network that can be managed and installed easily with few simple steps. The setup process is not so difficult and the time taken for this setup is approximately one hour.



  • First of all it is required to choose a convenient location for the installation of the router on placing the device on a convenient platform. The router is to be plugged in to the power source and then it is to be turned on by a push on the power button.
  • Now it is optional to connect the internet modem to the router. Almost all the network modems connect with the help of Ethernet cable. After this connection the router jack should be sure of the power cycle i.e. the turn back off and turn back on of the modem to ensure the router recognition.
  • Even though the router is a wireless model it is required to connect to computer first with a network cable. The usage of the cable in the installation process will ensure maximum reliability and once done with this installation the computer can be changed to wireless connection which is desired.
  • Now for the network administration it is required to enter the router’s address in the address field of the web. It is required to contact about the router’s documentation for the determination of the exact model address. Here in this step it is not required to work with internet connection.
  • The home page of the router will ask the username and password that are provided in the router documentation. It is suggested to change the password for security reasons. It is preferred to avoid unnecessary complications that occur during the basic set up process.
  • The internet information is required to be entered in to the router configuration section if the router is to be connected to the internet.
  • If the primary computer is used and if it is an old network the provider will require the update of the Mac address of the router that is previously read by the device.
  • The wireless router may require the change of the network name.
  • Now the verification is to be done whether the internet connection is working properly or not. Conformation to be done by the computer after it received the IP address information from the router.
  • It necessary it is also required to check about the computer connection to the internet.
  • Now the router can be connected to additional computers that can be done with a wireless connection to ensure of the router that matched to network name.
  • Now finally the additional network security features can be configured.

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