Hash Algorithm/ Hash Function:

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Hash algorithm/ Hash function is mainly used to draft the random or inconsistent data to a data of definite size. The main purpose of using the Hash function/ Hash algorithm is, it detects the duplicate records in the database and by doing so it enhances the database for a quick look. Hash function/ Hash algorithm is extensively used in cryptography and as software in computers for quick database lookup.

What is a MD5 Algorithm?

MD5 is an extensively used Hash algorithm/ Hash function globally, MD5 was designed in 1991 to replace the existing Hash algorithm/ Hash function MD4. Basically MD5 is a Hash function/ Hash algorithm which protect the user data and at the same time it maps the size of indefinite or random data to a consistent size. MD5 also helps the users in identifying the duplicate records or duplicate transactions in database by doing so it helps the user for a quick access to the database. MD5 is widely used in maintaining the large size database. MD is – Message Digest.


MD5 Hash generator:

How to use MD5 Online Generator?

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Here we are giving some simple steps to use the online MD5 Generator, by using these steps it makes you very easy to use an online MD5 Generator.

  • This MD5 Online Generator consists of 2 text boxes.
  • Enter the text in the first box you want decrypt.
  • After entering the Data in the first box, then click the Generate
  • Now you can see the MD5 Hash/algorithm of that particular text in the second box.
  • If you want to check another text then click the Clear All Button and enter the text you want to check.