EasyNetMonitor Tool

It is easy freeware software that is used to verify the online status of any computers or websites. This icon will appear on the system tray. The user can click on this icon in order to see all the websites along with computers online. This easy net monitor tool presently comes with a single file that can be easily downloaded. The file size is upto 90kb. There is no requirement of any installation of the software. The double click will allow the file to run. Once the file is ‘run’ it can be seen in the system tray. It is very simple to uses the verification on the remote computer and is accessible on the network. It targets all the types of users.

How to install?

  • Right click the option “ADD” in the icon list that brings a pop up window, where you can add the website address or any IP that is to be opted for the system.
  • It will monitor the website. In order to check the online status of the website the right clicks on the icon in the system tray.
  • It allows monitoring of any two websites or computers at a time.
  • Its working does not alter if the PC, it goes down as it is provided with a manual system for checking. For monitoring production websites the users can use the free website uptime monitoring service and free ping test tool.
  • It works well for the check of the non-mission critical website or computers.


It is a smallest and free tool to monitor local networks on the computers. It is just easy to open the pop up menu and get the status of the computer network state. It is useful piece of program that is designed to test on the remote PC and other reachable internet hosts across the chosen network. It is an easier and also a quicker way that supports to gather information about the on-line state of the local network. It can be downloaded and used directly. Any internet host can be monitored. It is available free with PRO additional features. It offers life time support along with feedback to the products. The program can be run and required address can be added easily. The icon will turn on to green color if the device is within the reach of the network. It works effectively by sending the echo requests to the target packets of the PC with the echo responses offered with the queries. The ICMP tool that is built in the windows system is used.

System requirements:

This tool works effectively with the help of the installed Microsoft .NET Frame work on windows XP, 8, 7, Vista Os’s. It is an easy and very interesting tool to get the internet host and local network details. The EasyNetMonitor SE is the Windows service version of the easy net monitor that has configuration file as (enm_config.xml) which is compatible with windows 7 and windows 8 versions.

Additional information:

The options panel offers several configuration settings such as establishment of IP checkup along with time intervals. The run on windows can be scheduled after startup automatically. The log-in details to the external file can be done. The tool disable can be done easily. It can run effectively even on low quality CPU and requires less system memory. It provides a good response time for key strokes accompanied by mouse commands. These are applied at a very stable state. It does not cause any difficulties like system crash, errors in the application etc. It is an effective test for the reachable computer with the help of LAN.

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