Cloud Monitoring

Clouds aren’t limited to the sky now; they have blown into the business world too! Cloud in addition to other technological features like virtualization, makes it possible for large and highly automated computer resources to be created. They can rapidly scale up and down traffic demands, gets rapidly ready for new purposes, can handle and fix many failures and errors, and provides streamlined self-service user access with high security. If you are looking for flawless cloud computing or monitoring solutions, then have a look on our wide range of services.
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Cloud environments also have much less of hardware than a multitude of host run virtual machines, less support resources and since users are directly exposed to the cloud, there are less margins for error, hence more accuracy. Here is what we offer from our cloud services:-

  • Abstraction – Everything is abstracted to the users, who are considered supreme; replacing servers, software, storage devices related to the tasks and even manpower.
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  • Elasticity – This is one of the most powerful services that we provide. It’s the fully automatic scaling up and down of resources.
  • Fully automated provisioning/de-provisioning – it automatically searches for, removes and adds hardware in the cloud, therefore creating a dynamic reconfiguration on a regular basis.
  • Dynamic server creation – Also, fully automated creation and deletion of additional virtual servers are carried out by our cloud.
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  • Dynamic IP – Each of the multiple servers are allocated a new IP by our cloud system, each time they are spun off, even while supporting or running the same service, leading to transparency.
  • Quick processing – Processing overheads are created due to rapid changes in system and impermanence.
  • Administration – Smoothly carries out the usual business nuances involving checks and balances. The constant matching and analyzing algorithm by cloud’s volume of automation helps it to sail through smoothly.
  • Back-ups – Our cloud system takes offline and online backups of storage files. So there isn’t a cause to worry in case of any error or hardware problem.
  • Identification – Our cloud system is as fast a detector as possible. Whenever a new server is spun off, and you start monitoring and management of this instance, it becomes active and takes control of the proceedings.
  • Application development – The cost of developing new applications is time –consuming and tiring. Therefore our cloud service allows leveraging APIs which in turn minimizes the delivery time and development of web system based services to employees.
  • Resistance – Our cloud services, including voice and data services are highly resistant and resilient, with round the clock service from support and service centers.
  • Proactive monitoring – Our cloud system delivers what it promises; 24 x 7 constant monitoring, 365 days a year. It ensures unbroken access to everything that is required without any hindrance.
  • Platforms – The platforms of our cloud are PCI-certified and ISO 27001 compliant. Therefore it meets the highest standards achieved in this sphere.
  • SLA – Our service level agreements promise up to 99.9% uptime.

Little can be achieved after damages are done by lengthy outages, hardware faults, software damages etc. It’s always better to be assured before opting for clouds, and that too relying on service providers. We strive for the satisfaction of our customers and upon achieving it, nothing pleases us more. NM Tools is a veteran service provider in IT and software industry. If you are searching for a service that is high reliable and vastly efficient in Cloud Monitoring, Application Monitoring Tools then choosing us would be a grand decision.
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