Check the Status of Network Connection of Wireless Devices

It has become an absolute need to have an access to network devices either for businesses or  for home offices. But if you think that, after more than a decade of innovations, you would get a picture-perfect product by now, then you are mistaken! Still anybody can face the situation where their network devices were not connected as they had wished for.

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Especially, wireless devices can get disconnected suddenly and sometimes even without providing any warning. The reason behind this could be anything like signal interference, technical glitches etc. Even though if you are following the exact same steps to get connected successfully every day for months, but any day things can suddenly stop working.

So to avoid such situations, we need to keep network connections status in check continuously. Unfortunately, the ways for checking status of network connection depend largely on the particular device involved.

Status of Network Connection of Wireless Devices

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In case of Smartphones, special icons inside a bar towards the top of main screen display both the features – cellular as well as WiFi connection. Generally multiple vertical bars are displayed by these icons to show network connections. A  high quality connection has more bars compared to a poor or low quality connection. In Android phones data transfer across the network or connection is displayed by flashing arrows with in the same icon. There is always a Settings app involved for typically viewing more details about the connections and how to disconnect. If you wish, you have the option of installing various multiple third-party apps for getting report about wireless issues and connections.

Laptops, PCs and other Computers

Every operating system of a computer has in-built connection management utilizes.

For example on Microsoft Windows, to know the status of both wireless and wired networks, we have Network and Sharing Center where as in Chromebooks Chrome O/S network issues are really bad as Chromebooks mainly work on an active Internet connection. So we have two places for changing wireless settings on a Chromebook. One is through the status bar in the bottom right-hand corner of your Chromebook’s screen which has icons reflecting the connection status and another through Network bar near the top of the screen. Though some users prefer to install third-party applications offering similar features using different user interfaces.


The administrator console of any router records details of both type of connections – connection with the outside world and with any other devices connected through LAN. These days almost all routers has LED lights indicating connection status for its Internet link plus any wired links. To interpret the connection status using these LED lights, first one has to learn the meaning of each color and flashes.

Game Consoles, Printers and Home Appliances

Beyond routers, an increasing number of consumer devices in home network with built-in wireless features is not new in today’s world. Each device requires its own unique method for initiating new connections and checking their status. Many gaming consoles like Sony PlayStation, Microsoft Xbox and Smart TVs offer their own graphical on-screen menus such as “Setup” and “Network”.

Printers has either text-based menus visible on their small local displays, or an interface for checking status from a separate computer remotely. In today’s automated world few devices like thermostats may also have automated features like small screen displays, where-as, some others devices offer only lights and/or buttons.

How Often You Should Check Wireless Connections?

Checking the network connection regularly is as important as as knowing how to do it. When you receive an error message on your device’s screen, checking the connection status becomes very necessary. But in many cases you will not get a direct notification, like while on roaming your movement may cause the network to drop out in your mobile device.

It is better to check your connection every time you start troubleshooting issues concerning crashed applications or applications that suddenly stopped responding.

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