Change Default Password on a Network Router

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Every network routers are managed with a special administrative account. The router is set to a default user name and password for the account at the factory. The same settings are used by all the equipment.

In order to improve the security of the network it is required to change the administrative password. This is to be done immediately after the installation of the whole unit. There are steps to be gone through to change the default password on a common network router. These steps may vary based on the specific model of the router that is used but the process may be in a similar in any case of such router settings.

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Steps to be followed:

The interface of the admin is to be determined and it is to be entered in the browser:

  • The present day wireless network routers are mostly administrated by the web browser. Therefore it is required to find out the routers’ administrative interface and connect to it.
  • Most of the manufacturers have a default IP sub net set that helps to determine the router’s IP address that accesses to the administrative interface. 
  • It is required to consult the manual of the router for correct address.

Log in to the network router:

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  • Next step is to log in to the administrative console with the help of a web browser and current password and user name.
  • If the administrator default name is not changed then the default admin password is can be located form the router manufacturer’s website.


  • Navigation to the router’s appropriate administrative console or the security section where the setting is provided to change the password.
  • In the administration tab the option will be directly available.
  • Click on this button to open the setting to rest the password.

Strong password setting:

  • After the SSID is settled it is required to enter the Pre-Shared Key and now the password is to be selected at random and complex to escape from the hackers.
  • It is preferred to follow the guide for the best security practice.
  • After setting the new password it is required to turn off the “allow admin via wireless” setting off so as to administrate the router.
  • Finally save the password after it is reentered for confirmation.

Routers with a generic user name and password to the log in device’s setting for web tool management. In order to avoid others from credential log into the network router it is essential to change the settings otherwise there may be chance for illegal usage and even can lock the network. To avoid such problems it is essential to change the network’s password.

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How to Change Wifi Password for a D Link Router Explained on YouTube

How To Change Wifi Password?

For D-Link Router

To Change Your Wifi Password Follow The Below Steps-

  1. Login To Your Router By Entering This As Your Web Address –
  2. Enter Router Username And Password
  3. Click On Wireless,Nect Click On Wireless Security,Next Click On Security Mode,Next Click On WPA2 Only,Next Click On Pre Shared Key- Here Enter Your New Password
  4. Click On Apply The Change
  5. Restart Your Wifi
  6. Your Password Is Changed

For TP-Link Router – 

To Change Your Wifi Password Follow The Below Steps-

  1. Login To Your Router Admin Panel Using The IP Address Or
  2. Enter The Username And The Password , For Most Of The Routers The Default Username Will Be “admin”
  3. Click On Wireless, Click On Wireless Security,Cleck On WPA/WPA2 Personal(Recommended),Enter Your Router Password
  4. Enter Your New Password And Save It.

For Netgear Router – 

  1. Login To Your Router By Entering This As Web Address or Or 
  2. Here Enter Username And Password Of The Router
  3. Click On Wireless,Then Click On Security Options, Select WPA2-PSK [AES], 
  4. Enter Your New Password 
  5. Click On Apply Changes And Reboot Wifi For Changes To Effect

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