Secure Socket Layer


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Secure Socket Layer is abbreviated as SSL, is a standard security technology to establish an encrypted link in between the server and a client that is a web server and a browser or in between the mail server and a mail client for example outlook.

It allows the sensitive information such as login credentials, social security numbers and credit card numbers to be transmitted securely. The data can be sent in between the browsers and the web servers in the form of plain text. The SSL allow client server applications to communicate across a network in the way that is designed to prevent the damaging and eavesdropping. It has an ability to keep the message or data confidentially and the message authentication codes for message reliability.

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What is Secure Sockets Layer (SSL)?

Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) is a security protocol that determines the variables of the encryption for both the data and the link which are going to be transmitted. It secures millions of people’s data on internet daily, especially at the time of online transactions or when the user wants to transmit the confidential information.

SSL Fundamentals:

There are 3 important elements such as the protocol for communications that is SSL, credentials to establish identity that is SSL certificate and the 3rd party that the vouches for credentials that is the certificate authority.

  • Many of the computers use protocols to allow the various systems to work. The web browsers and the web servers rely on the SSL protocol to enable the encrypted communications.
  • The credentials are useful to establish an identity. The SSL certificate is one type of digital certificate that assists as a credential in online world. Each SSL certificate is identified with a specific domain and a web server.
  • The certificate authorities have a variety of the methods to verify the information that is provided by the organizations or individuals. The established certificates authorities such as the Thawte as well as trusted by the browser vendors.

What is Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) Certificate?

The certificate of the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) consists of key pair that is public key and a private key. Both keys (public key and a private key) work together to create an encrypted connection. It also contains the subject that gives identification to the certificate or website owner. In order to get the certificate the user need to create a Certificate Signing Request (CSR) on the server. This process establishes a public key and a private key on the server. CSR data file that the user send to the SSL certificate issuer that contains a public key. The certification Authority never sees the private key and uses the CSR data file to establish the data structure to match the private key without any compromising the key itself.

Once the user receives the SSL certificate then they install it on the server. They can also install the pair of intermediate certificates that create the credibility of the SSL certificate by binding it to the CA’s root certificate.

How it works?

First the browser attempts to connect to the web site that is secured with SSL. The browser send request to the web server for the identity itself. Then the server sends a copy of the SSL certificate to the browser. After that the browser checks whether it trusts an SSL certificate and then it sends a message to the server. Then the server sends return a digitally signed acknowledgement to begin the SSL encrypted session. The encrypted data is shared in between the browser and the server and the HTTPS appears.


The Secure Sockets Layer and the Transport Layer are an integral part of web browsers and web servers. The Web server is enabled with the use of Netscape’s SSLRef program library that can be downloaded for the noncommercial purpose or licensed for commercial purpose. It is a commonly used protocol that can be used to manage the security of the message transmission on network.

IP Ping Softwares

Ping tools software is a utility program that uses the Internet Control Message Protocol in order to determine the availability along with the responsiveness of the network hosts. It also provides other related troubleshooting features. Ping can run from inside the Network Utility applet in the ping tab. It runs on all the operating systems as Windows, Linux along with Macintosh computers. Many third party ping tools are available on internet for downloading them and comparing them to the standard operating systems and their ping commands. This tool provides a graphical interface and includes charts within them in order to track the statistics of the ping test run. Konst pinger and Ping plotter are the examples of this graphical ping tools.


  • Colasoft Ping Tool: It is powerful ping tool that supports multiple IP addresses along with a comparison to the responsive times clearly in a graphical chart. There is a facility available to save the charts and also that can view the historical charts.
  • Manage engine Free Ping Tool: This tool is very simple and also most powerful tool with elegance in its user interface that solves the issues of the ping requests to the multiple IP addresses in a distinct interface.
  • Free Ping Tool: Free Ping Tool monitors the servers at any instance with the available graphical values that are advanced and highly reliable to solve the issues in accordance to the ping issues.
  • XML-RPC Ping Tool: It is a made easy tool that facilitates the search engine services with the help of ping services websites that has been updated and is capable of mass URL and scheduled URL ping solutions.
  • IP Viewer Tool: This tool helps to solve the problem that is possible with public IP addresses. The IP log is provided with an ease to get exported to HTML or else Excel CSV.
  • Actual IP Cam Tool: This program created general software for the hybrid platforms of security with wireless and other wired cameras, capture cards etc.
  • Ping Assist Pro: It is an essential tool of ping for the network administrators and service providers that offers ability for a constant monitor of the network performance at a high quality.
  • Scoff source code IP audit tool: The source files that are generated in the detailed CS will output the designed human plagiarism.
  • Go Ping: It is a free and portable tool for Ping that works in a multithreaded mode that hosts every small interval up to 20 milliseconds. The gathered data can be visualized on a chart and is saved on a disk and can be opened later.
  • IP MAC Scanner: It is the world leading tool for network management and its analysis. It provides the MAC and IP scanner to facilitate or helps a free and detailed connection that accesses the testing of the network.
  • Quick Ping Monitor: Quick Ping is a most powerful ip monitor tool that is equipped with necessary steps to deal with the trouble shoot issues.


It is easy to troubleshoot all the terminal devices and routers with the ping utilities.

LAN path to the Router test:

  • The computer can be used to ping the router in order to verify the LAN path that runs on the Windows 75 and later versions.
  • First it requires clicking on the start button and selecting the run. Now the IP address is to be typed followed by the Ping tag.
  • Click on OK button and at that instant it displays the IP address path.
  • If this path does not function well then the problem can be with LAN port LED (should be in switch off position). The connection check in between hub ports that are connected to the workstations and routers.
  • The verification to be done for the IP address of the router and the work station that is configured and installed Ethernet card driver to the work station and router.

Test in between the Computer and Remote device:

  • The windows run screen is to be tested from the PC to the remote devices to verify the LAN working.
  • The IP addresses are to be checked on PC and the modem router that is default. Check for the modem router as per the described online accessed document.
  • The ISP assigned host name is to be entered in the basic settings screen, if the PC is assigned to it.
  • The Ethernet MAC can be rejected by the ISP. Many ISP’s reject the access of the traffic from MAC of the broad band modem. It is preferred to refer the router set up manual to get rid of such problems.

The Right Choice on an IP Network Monitoring Software only gives you more advantages

Today’s contemporary world, more than a few technology developments are available to support us to easily complete the desired task with the most successful result. However, the right choice on everything is very important to get more benefits unquestionably.

Nowadays, networks are larger in its size and bigger in its utilization. This is the most important reason for why almost every person who would like to get the most excellent network tools takes their time to decide on the most appropriate choice among many available. IP Network Monitoring Software is much useful to easily as well as effectively monitor networks’ important activities and as a result, easily get rid of all problems associated with many things like intruders, hackers, technical problems caused due to intentional as well as unintentional activities and so on.

If you know some basic issues on the subject of TCP/IP network management framework, you can straightforwardly begin your step to purchase high quality features of software that has the potential to manage your IP network.

As compared to time taken by a person to have a first choice on hardware tools in order to boost up functionality of IP network and manage the network properly, almost every person who preferred IP Network monitoring Software takes a long time to choose a software to monitor IP network. This is because of several features of software available from earlier days to up to now. Depends upon your needs and expectations on software to monitor IP network, you can pay for the right one with no trouble.


IP Network Monitoring



Both IP network management and monitoring software are available with different modern features so as to fulfill expectations of every user. In this situation, this is too difficult to any network administrator to monitor more servers, printers, routers and so on network devices used by almost each organization at the present time. On the other hand, the best IP Network monitoring Software is much useful to give the best result to users. There is no need to a person to spend lots of time. Further than this, people do not want to mess up with inaccurate result each time due to their observation of IP network with no contemporary functionalities of software. Many IT environments today make use of first-class network monitoring software with the intention to avoid problems like unauthorized access to data.

Network administrators who have the most excellent network monitoring tools today feel comfortable. This is because of many reasons like they can easily get more benefits each time when failure of system takes place. Each IP Network Monitoring Software has different features and thus both well experienced network administrators as well as businessmen who have decided to purchase the best software to maintain IP network at a good level get much difficulty. For instance, some software systems give attention to entire network system in order to find out system failures and whereas some software system only focus on servers and websites only.

An advanced IP Network monitoring Software has the most excellent features to prop up every user to differentiate utilization of bandwidth and record monitoring data without fail.

Easy to use nature of reasonably priced network monitoring software gives you more advantages than ever. By the best monitoring software, users can easily check local as well as remote servers’ activities beyond doubt. As a result, you have to give much concentration to the right option on software after considering all features as well as modern functionalities of software available in front of you. Have you been standing by to decide on perfect software to monitors IP network successfully?