Capsa Free Network Analyzer Tool Features

Capsa free is freeware network analyzer that provides Ethernet monitor along with trouble shooting and related analysis. It offers a great experience to learn the network monitor activities that terminates pin point network problems that enhances network security. Capsa free is a perfect choice for the students and teachers. It also helps to learn the protocols along with the knowledge on the networking technology. It provides the users own dash board and other important parameters in a single place with the help of graphs. Any new profile can be recorded in order to set analysis objective and analyze the customized performance. The powerful customizable alarm is provided along with the several alarm trigger combinations. It can easily identify more than 300 network protocols. They create and customize the protocols along with analyzing their unique traffic of protocols.


The network analysis may require long time monitoring. Long time networking monitors is an essential function for the network analysis as the process requires the view of the original packets to analyze them. Cola soft Capsa supports long time monitoring. It has an ability to capture the packets and save those files to the local hard disks in various manners. The users may not require staying close for long time during the network monitoring.  The saved packet files are needed to be imported when we require view the network information into the Cola Capsa and, then the post event analysis work can be done.

The configuration of the capsa can auto save the packet files that are captured by the following steps:

  • The analysis profile icon is to be double clicked on the used start page.
  • Now click on the next button to modify the analysis profile dialog box that is present at the bottom of the page.
  • The package storage button present in the left panel is to be clicked that is shown by the analysis profile options dialog box.
  • The package property page is displayed where the packet files can be saved by a single file and also in multiple files.
  • The split files option is to be set on time and size basis that makes the action to be managed easily with those packet files.

Colasoft Capsa will capture all the packets in a long period. The capture packets are saved for the post analysis. The network status can be known over a comparative long period. The bottle neck and the possible vulnerabilities in the network can be found out easily.


  • It offers extended network security analysis.
  • Traffic and bandwidth statistics are provided.
  • It provides advanced network protocol analysis.
  • The packet decoding is detailed and provided information is in depth.
  • It monitors multiple network behaviors.
  • Extensive statistics are offered for each host network.
  • The network diagnoses are expert automated.
  • The matrix connections and traffic information are clearly visualized in the eclipse.
  • It offers powerful conversation analysis.
  • Many useful and valuable built in tools are provided.
  • Quick and intuitive reports are provided from time to time.
  • It provides notifications by the alarms through emails and audio.
  • It is integrated with task scheduler.
  • It supports VoIP analysis and TCP flow analysis.
  • It has an integration of useful and valuable built in tools.

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