A simple introduction to Network Management Protocol

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Broadly speaking, management is quite trivial for anything and for everything. Talking about the network platform, the Network Management Protocol is the back bone for of the ability to proper maintenance of network. Here SNMP, abbreviated to Simple network management protocol is playing the vital role and this is a special protocol designed only for management of network. Actually this specification is developed by IETF which is a part of internet activity board. More over this is the common mechanism designed for keeping the tabs on network. Whatever the case referred to either a software or hardware, this SNMP is having the ability to monitor everything.

Design of this protocol reduce the level of risks on internet reduces and management that are having support over network. And this is used on the network device for reading, writing and for updating the network configuration distantly. This key technology enables the growth of internet phenomena to provide the figures about the complete ranging of protocols. Basically the SNMP existence enable the network management gets centralization and compatibility for all platforms. Added to that, this also provides the flexibility over the management figures which are specially owned by a specific vendor’s product. This network management protocol comes under various versions and the most familiar ones are SNMPv1 and SNMPv2.

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When come to know about the working of this protocol, there holds the agent to collect the figures of device’s network activity. Device here specifies both the hard and software. And these gathered figures are mostly in the form of PDU that were stored on the onboard database referred to as management information base. During such processing, the administrator polls up some of nodes on network that usually asks for the specific figures that have been gathered for. While these on processing, there is an another software called the master agent that watches what data are stored in management information base and sends these information and back up this chain to network management stations. This information is then processed with the other nodes information for determining what actually happening on network. Now the network administrator uses this SNMP to reconfigure the devices. In this processing SNMP agents are used for the notification of network management station if any events or a condition gets occurred. Such alerts are referred to as the traps frequently in this working. This was the actual processing in Simple Network Management Protocol.

Apart from this processing, recent SNMP is designed over user datagram protocol due to its usage of UDP protocols. Such usage reduces the tediousness and can make the process to be simple. Moreover if want to know about eh elements of this simple Network Management Protocol, this endowed with manager, manager information base, and agents. As such, the main goal of this protocol is to revolve around the key factors that are yet in use like remote management of devices. And the common usage is over the device management on network. Thus the brief figures of network management protocol are with its working figures and UDP usage.

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